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Mo. is the supportive best friend telling you to look after yourself, because we know hard you've been trying. While we can't fix things for you, we can give you a moment.


Mo. is a lightly caffeinated, canned tea beverage, designed to be a tasty but gentle pick-me-up - no destructive energy drinks. Life has been crazier and more demanding than usual, making it more important than ever to take care of yourself. In this branding and packaging project, we wanted to emphasis the idea of taking a break and normalize taking a moment for yourself when you need it.

Created in collaboration with Jessica Gillam.

In addition to the main package design and beverage concept, we also created ideas for social media accounts and ads, where our goal is to be a "calming feed interrupter," with suggestions to slow down and take a breath. Everything we post would be to support our vibe of empathy, reliability, and wholesomeness, and not feeling guilty for giving yourself some care.



Set up in busy pedestrian areas, and especially downtown, would be small, eye-catching trailers. Inside, would be a soothing, quiet, spa-like atmosphere with cushy seats and a cooler of Mo. People would enter the trailer, the door shut behind them to block out the noisy traffic and construction and spent ten minutes to take a moment. Mo. would also be sold at colorful, friendly mall kiosks!

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