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What if you could have everything the BBC has to offer under one umbrella, personalized just for you?


This project was based on a brief asking for a service that would unite BBC's wide-range of content in one, customizable, personalized place. I created the fictional BBC Hub, which would meet those needs, and then created the second part of the project, which was the campaign to promote the Hub, from experiential to digital to print.


BBC is a massive network, providing an incredible variety of content (news, podcasts, entertainment, learning resources, and more) for a hugely broad audience. The Hub would work similar to Netflix or Spotify, where an algorithm keeps track of what you engage with to suggest things you might like. As well, the "Explore" section offers up items from across the whole of BBC you might like, as well as completely brand new things to further the BBC's mission of having people discover more of it's offerings.


At the beginning of summer, these branded ice cream food trucks would crop outside of major "hubs" in London (ie. King's Cross Station) and busy pedestrian intersections. The trucks would give away free ice cream of any flavour and combination, with the emphasis that you get to choose whatever you like.


One scoop? Three? Bowl or cone? Alternating kinds? All yours!

The trucks are accompanied by a large interactive sign where people are encouraged to take an ice cream selfie and tell us what you "like" - to read, watch, do, anything at all - and share the picture on social media under the hashtag #whatsyourflavour.


These posters would utilize different "personas" based on the things people shared during the ice cream truck experience. It would also utilize various popular BBC personalities (both real and fictional, created in their "voice"). These posters would be placed physically in tube stations, malls, movie theaters, as well as digitally in the form of banners and ads on various relevant websites.


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