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Your success at post-secondary should not depend on you owning a car.

Zip was conceived as a rival to Car2Go (car sharing service). It was born out of our experience as students: difficulty with transit, with field trips and car pooling (with many students not owning cars), with campus parking, and other hurdles.

Created in collaboration with Jessica Gillam.

Zip is for students in rez who don't have cars and want to meet up with friends and family without having to get picked up. It's for students who just need to run to the print shop before class, who are from out of town and relying on transit (which is not completely reliable).


It's for students who need to hop between campuses or just grab lunch or supplies but don't want to lose their space on campus or pay for parking a second time that day. It's for students who take evening classes or stay late to work and want to feel safer than taking transit or walking.

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